Most of us are looking for an easy way to enjoy better health without having to make major changes to our lifestyles. Fortunately, there are countless ways that you can become healthier that don’t require spending hours at the gym or following restrictive diets. Instead, here are some simple health improvement ideas that you can use to start feeling better right away.

Look for ways to become more active in your daily life. This doesn’t mean running marathons or going to the gym. Instead, try to find hobbies that get your body moving such as gardening or dancing. Even something as simple as doing housework can burn a tremendous amount of calories. By doing your best to become more active each day, you can help keep your body fit and healthy without having to take on a strenuous exercise routine.

Another way to become healthier is by making smarter food choices. Try to find healthier substitutes for some of your favorite foods. For instance, if you enjoy snacking on candy, try eating fresh fruit or frozen berries instead. You still get the sweet taste but get far more vitamins and nutrients. Try switching one food a week until you have formed new, healthier eating habits.