Hello! My name is Dakota and I thank you for visiting. This blog is about improving one’s health. To understand my vision, here’s a bit about my experience with trying to improve my health.

I thought I was a healthy person, but for years, my health had been gradually deteriorating without me noticing it at all. I think it all started going downhill when I had my first child – not that it was his fault, but I started gaining weight, my joints started to feel sore, and I started to get headaches just about every afternoon. Eventually I decided that enough was enough, and I set out looking to improve my health in just about every way that I could find.

What I learned was that the best way to start improving your health was to start exercising. It’s not even necessarily a weight loss thing – it’s just a good thing all around for your body to get your blood flowing and your muscles moving. The next thing I found out was that it’s really highly important to eat fruits and vegetables, even more so for adults than children. Our bodies benefit from the nutrients present only in fresh fruits and vegetables, and we should eat as much of them as we can. We can take supplements for some of these nutrients, but eating fresh fruits and vegetables is by far the best way to go about it.